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Daya Bandhu Ghimire is a certified engineer with a passion for product design to create positive impacts on society.His overarching goal is to tackle significant global issues and effect positive change. Throughout his burgeoning career, he has delved into diverse domains including product design and development, electric vehicle technology, robotics, and business development.

He has won numerous academic accolades and scholarships which reflect his unwavering dedication and hard work. He maintains a broad spectrum of interests, ranging from literature to economics, viewing himself as a perpetual student of the natural world and its governing dynamics.

He aims to continue exploring and innovating to make a positive difference in the world. Connect with him for collaborative growth opportunities.

email : bandhudaya@gmail.com

Skills & Certifications


CAD Skills:

Solidworks, AutoCad, Ansys, Inkscape

CAE Softwares:

SolidWorks Simulation, Ansys Fluent, MSC adams, Simulink, FEA

CAM Techniques:

3D Printing(Slicer Softwares), CNC Shopbot, Aspire, Chillipeppr, G-code

Data Analysis and Documentation:

Microsoft Office(Excel,Word), Matlab, C/C++,OriginPro

Soft Skills :

Project Management,Teamwork,Leadership,Communication

CERTIFICATIONS: Courses, Seminars and Training

Project Planning: Putting It All Together,Google @Coursera

Skill Learned: WBS,Project Plan development(Gantt Chart), Project Budgeting and Risk Management

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Project Initiation: Starting a Successful Project,Google @Coursera

Skill Learned: Project Charter,Stakeholder analysis(RACI Chart)

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Foundations of Project Management,Google @Coursera

Skill Learned: Basics of project management Concepts, Lifecycle and Methodologies

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Introduction to battery-management systems,University of Colorado Boulder @Coursera

Skill Learned: Lithium ion cell fundamentals, BMS

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Associate-Additive Manufacturing, Dassaults Systems

Skill Learned: G code,FDM,SLA,Basics of 3D printing

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Associate-Mechanical Design, Dassaults Systems

Skill Learned: Solidworks Cad modelling, Material science, Design study

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Probability and Statistics: To p or not to p?, University of London @coursera

Skill Learned: Hypothesis testing methods, Data analysis

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Game Theory, University of Tokyo @coursera

Skill Learned: Nash equilibrium,Optimization, Game theory concepts

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Understanding Research Methods, University of London @coursera

Skill Learned: Research concepts,Research methodology

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MATLAB Onramp, Mathworks Training Services

Skill Learned: Matlab interface, Basic matlab commands

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New Models of Business in Society,University of Virginia @Coursera

Skill Learned: Basics of Business models, Value Engineering, Sustainability Concepts .

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Robotics: Aerial Robotics,University of Pennsylvania @Coursera

Skill Learned: Basic kinematics concepts, Transformation matrix

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Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Training,2023, Fablab Nepal,Government of Nepal

Skill Learned: Hands on training for advanced manufacturing technology like CNC.

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Research Methodology Training Program,2022,CES,Government Of Nepal

Skill Learned:Research methodology,Journal selection, Researxh Paper Writing.

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National Mechanical Engineering Seminar,2019,NAST,Government Of Nepal

Learned: Energy senario in Nepal, Satellite Technology.

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Future Scientists Guidance Program For Students,NANU,Nepal

Skill Learned: Bluetooth-Control, Robots design.

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Journal Article(Unpublished manuscript): "Ghimire, D. B., Uprety, A. (2024).WHICH COLD PLATE WORKS BEST FOR LITHIUM-ION MODULE? A COMPARATIVE STUDY"

Journal Article:"Ghimire, D. B., Maharjan, S., Neupane, S., & Uprety, A. (2024). Parametric study of battery module cooling: Configuration optimization using response curve method. Results in Engineering, 101729. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rineng.2023.101729"

Article:"5 Teams Build Innovative Housing Solutions from Upcycled Plastic Waste: P2G Pitching Showcase Event!"



Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Pulchowk Campus,Institute of Engineering | TU

2019-2023 | Percentage:84.87 %

Relevant Courses: Advanced Mechanical Design | Mechanical Design and Simulation | Operational Research | Project Management | Thermodynamics | Fluid Machines | Numerical Method | Turbo Machine | Finite Element Methods

High School: Science

Xavier Academy | NEB

2016-2018 | CGPA: 3.82

School Level Certificate

Tarun Secondary School | HSEB

2004-2016 | CGPA: 3.75

Projects Made

Current Work: Design and development of Braille printer

Role/Organization: Technical Associate, Fablab Nepal @IHK


•Developing a braille printer from scratch to print braille script for visually impaired people.
•Searching for cost-effective alternative to available high-cost braille printers.

Study and design of thermal management system of battery module.

Role/Organization: Undergraduate Researcher, Institute Of Engineering,@Tribhuvan University


•Heat generation of INR 18650 25S lithium-ion cell is measured.
•A setup for air cooling of a module with unit cell is developed.
•Air cooling is parametrically analyzed for a battery module using Ansys Fluent and compared with experimental data.
•Parametric analysis of cold plate battery module cooling is done to obtain the efficient plate topology.

Understanding battery pack design and analysis

Role/Organization: Battery Design Intern, Ebolt Mobility Pvt. Ltd.


•Learnt different battery pack design and analysis tools, processes and methods.
•Air Cooling’s effectiveness for battery pack increases when the inlet velocity is increased.
•Cad modeling and battery conjugate heat transfer simulation were completed for battery modules.

Design And Development Of Arrow Throwing Mechanism For Abu Robocon2021

Role/Organization: Mechanical Design Team Member, Robotics Club @Pulchowk Campus


•Learnt different design and analysis tools, processes and methods.
•Develop a reliable and efficient mechanism capable of accurately projecting arrows within defined parameters.
•Conducted thorough testing and validation to ensure the functionality and reliability of the arrow throwing mechanism.

Design And Analysis Of Pelton Bucket.

Role/Organization: Undergraduate Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IOE @TU


•Derived basic design parameters for pelton turbine from given data.
•Cad design and descretization done for the simulation
•Analysis of the turbine in Ansys CFX to observe efficiency

Design and Fabrication of ballon popping robot.

Role/Organization: Mechanical Design Team Member, Robotics Club @Pulchowk Campus


•Developed a high-precision Balloon Popping Robot with three-wheel drive for agile navigation.
•Integrated a rotating horn mechanism, achieving accurate and efficient balloon popping.
•Employed resourceful fabrication techniques using locally available materials, showcasing innovation and adaptability.
•Earned Best Engineering Achievements at Locus 2020 Competition, demonstrating technical expertise and effective teamwork.

Design and analysis of concept bike.

Role/Organization: Undergraduate Student, Department Of Mechanical Engineering, IOE @TU


•Learnt basics of design study with tools such as Solidworks.
•Learnt fundamentals of structural and harmonic analysis along with failure mechanisms.


Professional Experience

Technical Associate

Impact Hub Kathmandu| Full Time| Sept 2023-Present

• Engaging in ideating strategies, CAD design, and fabrication to enhance rapid product development at Fablab Nepal.
• Emphasizing safety, process improvement, and innovative project development for organizational success.
• Learning and implementing leadership and management strategies for impact creation.

Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer

BolteK Enterprise Pvt. Ltd| Self-employed| Jun 2023-Present

• Managing basic operations and planning of the company.
• Leading the procurement, billings and financial works.
• Engineering Design of structure, vesssels and pipe systems.

Mechanical Engineer

Givingback A.I Technologies Pvt. Ltd | July 2023 – October 2023

•Leading design and development of versatile electric tractor tailored for challenging terrains in Nepal's hilly regions, enhancing farmer livelihoods.
•Applying CAD tools to convert unique product concepts into detailed tractor designs, iteratively refining for functionality, efficiency, and manufacturability.
•Researching suppliers for efficient supply chain, and safe production, ensuring transformative impact.


Ebolt Mobility | Internship | July 2022

•Executed battery pack design and performed conjugate heat transfer simulations to enhance electric scooter performance and reliability.
•Took an active part in the fabrication of battery pack within the company premises, gaining practical knowledge of production techniques.
•Collaborated closely with the team to provide valuable assistance in diverse tasks related to battery design, simulation, and manufacturing.


Mushoor | June 2021-Sep 2021

•Executed mechanical design for the Mushoor Home Harvest, a self-sustaining solution targeting Nepali households to cultivate mushrooms.
•Led the thermal design of the vapor compression refrigeration system, a pivotal module shaping ideal conditions within the Harvest.
•Applied specialized hands-on efforts, conducting iterative optimization through prototyping to enhance the Harvest's performance.

Research Experience


Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University| June 2022 – April 2023

•Explored the battery thermal management through the thesis "Study And Design Of Thermal Management System Of Battery Module."
•Developed a setup for air cooling INR 18650 25S Lithium-Ion Cells using minimal resources, precisely measuring heat generation.
•Utilized Ansys Fluent to perform a comprehensive parametric analysis of air cooling in battery modules, aligning it with experimental data.
•Led the design and optimization of a Cold Plate Battery Module, prioritizing an effective topology for optimal thermal regulation.

Mechanical Design Team Member

Robotics Club Pulchowk Campus| June 2019 – August 2022

•Led a team of 21 undergraduate students as head of the mechanical design team for ABU Robocon 2021, China, and worked as a student team member for ABU- Robocon 2020, Fiji, and mentored for ABU- Robocon 2022, India in a lab facility arranged by the University.
•Executed design and fabrication of arrow throwing mechanisms using motors and pneumatics to throw an arrow, an arrow picking system using four four-bar mechanisms.
•Implemented FEM on different sheet metal parts, and 3D printed parts using SolidWorks and Ansys.
•Achievements: Tokyo Electron Award (2020) |Tokyo Electron Award (2022) | Second Runner-Up (2022).

Leadership and Volunteering


MechTrix 2079, SOMAES

•Experience as a mentor providing guidance and support to students in their project endeavors.
•Dedicated to fostering academic growth and project success.



•Experienced "SOLIDWORKS" workshop instructor.
•Conducted engaging 7-day training.
•Empowered participants with practical skills.


SEDS Pulchowk | Oct 2020-Sep 2021

•Effective teamwork and seamless coordination.
•Spearheaded Cubesat development initiatives.
•Proficient in strategic communication strategies



•Accomplished National-level CAD design competition coordinator.
•Proficient in team handling and event coordination.



•Involvement in describing past projects .
•Helped in managing resources.


Name: Ncell Excellence Award 2024

Institution: Ncell

Remarks: Mechanical Faculty Highest Scorer in Engineering, received a certificate with cash price

Reference : News

Name: Ncell Scholarship Award 2023

Institution: Ncell

Remarks: Mechanical Faculty Highest Scorer in Third Year of Engineering, received a certificate with cash price

Reference : News

Name: Ncell Scholarship Award 2022

Institution: Ncell

Remarks: Mechanical Faculty Highest Scorer in Second Year of Engineering, received a certificate with cash price

Reference : News


Institution: Xavier Academy

Remarks: Highest Scorer Grade XII examination, received a certificate with cash price


Institution: Embassy Of India

Remarks: received financial aid during four years of undergraduate study


Institution: Xavier Academy

Remarks: Punctual For Two Years Of High School, received a certificate


Institution: HISSAN

Remarks: Good Scorer on examination taken by HISSAN, received a certificate


Institution:Xavier Academy

Remarks: Highest Scorer for grade XI examination, received a certificate with cash price


Institution:Tarun Secondary School

Remarks: Highest Scorer among boys, received a certificate with cash price

Hobbies and Interests


I try to communicate engineering ideas through my YouTube channel.
I am preparing short lecture videos on different engineering topics.

Watch My Short Lectures Videos.

Parliamentary Debating

I have basic skills of parliamentary debating, coaching, judging, and training with a specialization in British parliamentary debate format.
I am graduate of tarkashala(an intense residential debate workshop).
I was a Finalist in Mahasangram 2017, International Debate Competition.


I write blogs and poems sometimes.

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I train my body and mind.I am a trained nunchucks player.

Watch My Nunchucks Videos